What is Disease X? The Next Global Pandemic

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Disease X, a mysterious entity that has garnered the attention of global health experts and the World Health Organization (WHO), is raising concerns about the possibility of another pandemic, akin to the devastation caused by Covid-19. This enigmatic threat has found its place on WHO’s list of “priority diseases,” alongside notorious names such as Covid-19, Ebola, Lassa fever, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), Nipah, and Zika, all of which have inflicted widespread fatalities during their respective outbreaks. In this article, we unravel the mystery of Disease X.

What is Disease X?

Disease X, as defined by the WHO, represents the potential for a severe international epidemic caused by a pathogen that is currently unknown to cause diseases in humans. This looming threat could manifest as a novel agent—be it a virus, bacterium, or fungus—with no established treatments or vaccines in place.

Is Disease X a Newly Discovered Disease?

The WHO officially adopted the term “Disease X” in 2018 to designate an unknown disease with the potential for epidemic spread. Experts have called for intensive research efforts to identify the elusive pathogen responsible for Disease X, recognizing its potential to spark yet another pandemic.

WHO’s R&D Blueprint: Preparing for the Unknown

In response to emerging threats like Disease X, the WHO is collaborating with scientists to develop a customizable platform for vaccine creation. This approach enables rapid response when outbreaks occur. Scientists can sequence the genetic makeup of the disease-causing pathogen and seamlessly integrate it into the pre-developed platform, expediting the production of a new vaccine. The genesis of this Research and Development Blueprint can be traced back to the Ebola crisis in West Africa, which began in March 2014.

Other Variants on the Radar

In August, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reported the monitoring of a highly mutated lineage of the Covid-19 virus, named BA.2.86. This variant, detected in the United States, Denmark, and Israel, has raised concerns due to its significant number of mutations. The WHO has already classified BA.2.86 as a “variant under monitoring,” emphasizing the ongoing need for vigilance in the face of potential pandemic-causing agents.

In conclusion, Disease X remains an enigmatic threat, underscoring the importance of global preparedness and research to identify and combat potential sources of future pandemics. The WHO’s proactive approach, as seen in the R&D Blueprint, serves as a beacon of hope in our ongoing battle against the unknown.

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